Protecting Our Liberty

Patriot. Leader. Entrepreneur.

Fighting for Colorado

I'm running for Colorado District 7 because I'm concerned about the direction of our beloved country. I want our children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities and successes that were afforded to me. From out of control spending, rapid inflation, out of control executive orders, to the government constantly infringing on our inalienable rights, it's time we take a new approach based on our principles.

I want to preserve the things that we all love about Colorado. I promise to always represent central Colorado's interests, not the special interests in Washington D.C.

— Carl Andersen for Congress Colorado District 7

Climb For Freedom

Frustrated with the lack of knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, I purchased thousands of pocket constitutions and started handing them out for free. Climb for Freedom was born from this. On July 4, 2021, I organized a team of family, friends, and patriots to hike Pikes Peak, also known as "America's Mountain".

The team carried the U.S. Flag, Military Flags, and a Don't Tread on Me flag, as well as constitution books to hand out to other hikers along the trail. At the Summit of Pikes Peak, we had more family and patriots waiting for us where we recited the pledge of allegiance, prayed, and read the Constitution of the United States of America. Many other Pikes Peak visitors stopped what they were doing and joined in.


Colt Simmons

Teller County Assessor

Ray Patterson

Woodland Park Community Member

Robert Zuluaga

Woodland Park Councilmember

Keith McKim

Green Beret/SOG Veteran Award Recipient

Kristyn Cline

Farmers Insurance

The Kristyn Cline Agency, here by endorse Carl Andersen for Colorado Congressional District 7. This is a true man of integrity. A man whose beliefs are evident in his love for our Country. As a business owner myself I have firsthand spent many hours with Mr. Andersen to be part of his leadership and guidance and have flourished from this. His strength is recognizable as he advocates always for the better of all. Carl is an example of true work ethic and doing what is right, even if it is not always easy. Carl is a champion of family, community, and the growth of our tomorrows.

Annie Durham

Cripple Creek Community Member

I am a Cripple Creek resident, as well as a huge supporter of Veterans and Active Duty Military. When my husband and I moved to Cripple Creek in 2013, the first event we attended was the Salute to American Veterans Rally. We were in awe of the overwhelming support of Veterans at this event, as well as in the community. This is one of the main reasons we decided to settle down in Cripple Creek. We were very grateful to the City of Woodland Park when they graciously agreed to host the event in 2021.

In the months leading up to the Rally, several Woodland Park locals spoke at city council in support of the Rally. One of those locals was Carl Andersen, and I had the great pleasure of seeing him speak via Zoom during public comment. He immediately earned my respect for his ardent support of Veterans. He was passionate, yet very even-keeled and well-spoken. I have since had the opportunity to speak with him at length. In doing so, I discovered that many matters that are important to him are important to me as well. Living in a rural community, I 100% support Mr. Carl Andersen as the rural voice for our district.

Jim Harris

Retired: Building Department

I give my full endorsement to Carl Andersen for Congress. I have known Carl and his family for many years. He is an outstanding man and a proud father of a marine combat veteran. As a Veteran myself, Carl has stood up for Veterans rights. He lives and breathes for the American People and justice. My vote will be for Carl Andersen.

Lee Taylor: Veteran

Local Business Owner

Carl Andersen is a Patriot. He believes in our Country and our Constitution. Carl supports limited government and our freedoms. He believes local citizens should have a say in our government and schools. He believes in American Businesses and is a successful business owner. Andersen Enterprises is a past Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award recipient. Carl provides jobs and must make payroll. He supports his local community and is active in numerous local organizations. He is past president of the Ute Pass Woodland Park Kiwanis and has volunteered countless hours in support of local childrens events and activities. He understands excessive government regulation and its impact on businesses. He is an avid outdoorsman and believes in protecting wild places. He wants America to be a better place with better opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Renee Bunting

Community Leader and Past President of Ute Pass Woodland Park Kiwanis

Carl Andersen does not accept cancel culture. Carl Andersen makes things happen.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ute Pass Woodland Park Kiwanis club was unable to hold meetings and fundraising events. Our annual service project, Breakfast With Santa, was also scheduled to be cancelled. Knowing that the children of Teller County needed some sort of normallcy, Carl commmitted to making Breakfast with Santa happen. By developing a plan, working with the Woodland Park School District Carl created the first ever Drive Thru Breakfast with Santa. It was a huge success, and the children were just as excited as the parents. Many Kiwanis members turned out to help make the event a huge success. Members came dressed in Holiday costumes, bundled up, and waved to children and parens as they make their way through the Woodland Park High School Parking Lot. Santa was able to participate as well, and handed gifts to children on their way through. Picking up Christmas Cookies, goodie bags, and pancake/sausage on a stick, individually wrapped, everyone wearing gloves. With the Christmas Parade being cancelled as well, Carl even arranged for a handful of businesses to build their Christmas floats and those were lined up along the parking lot as well.
Because of Carl not giving up on the Kids of Teller County, Christmas and Breakfast with Santa was not cancelled. When Carl wants something to happen, he makes it happen.

Jeff Smith


My name is Jeff Smith. I am a contractor with Teller County. I have known Carl Andersen for almost 20 years. I have worked with Carl Andersen on the Teller County Board of Review and on different construction projects. As a Business Owner, Carl understands how increased regulation affects affordable housing. Carl stands up for business rights, less fees, and against increased regulation. I have witnessed, on many occasions, Carl testifying during public meetings agains government regulations and increasing costs. Because of his business successes and supporting local business, Andersen Enterprises was awarded The Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce Business of the year in 2016 and has won Best of Teller for both Andersen Enterprises and Andersen Pack N Ship for many years in a row. I support and endorse Carl Andersen for Congress. Carl is not afraid to stand up to Washington and will not be bought.

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