About Carl

Carl Andersen was born and raised in New York. His love of Hunting, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors, brought him and his family to Teller County, Colorado more in 2002. Carl has 2 Children and 5 grandchildren. Carl’s wife, Shannon, has twin boys. Carl and Shannon’s love for the outdoors is ingrained into the children and grandchildren. They are often out snowmobiling, camping, fishing, 4x4, hiking and backpacking.  

Pro 2nd Ammendment

The one Amendment our enemies are still afraid of is our right to bear arms. Our founding fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment so we can protect ourselves against enemies, both foreign and domestic. I unequivocally support our right to bear arms. I am a member of the NRA, MDF, and RMEF

Pro Business

As your next Congressman, Carl will fight for less government regulations on businesses. Carl started earning money at 12 doing yard work. He started his first business at 17. Carl learned his hard work ethic from his father, Arthur, who was a foreman on the twin towers in New York. In 2004, Carl started Andersen Enterprises, Residential and Commercial Construction, in Teller County. Andersen Enterprises was recognized in 2016, as Business of the Year from the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce. Committed to success of his company, Carl kept employees on the job and on payroll, through both the Great Recession in 2008-09 and the COVID government shutdowns in 2020. Carl has been fighting and speaking up for business rights and less regulations for years.

Pro Constitution

As your Congressman, I will fight to preserve the United States Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Our Constitution has been weakened in far too many instances. Unfortunately, our greatest threat to life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness is not just from aboard, but within our own borders. I believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights so strongly, I have given thousands of copies away for free.

Border Security

As your next Congressman, Carl will Finish the Wall! Secure borders are absolutely necessary for the safety of our citizens. Except for people we legally vet and welcome into our country, I am against illegal immigration and open borders. Per the Constitution Article 4, Section 4, "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;..."

Executive Order Reform

Carl Andersen is the only Congressional Candidate speaking about Executive Order Reform. Accountability of our elected officials is necessary to preserve the U.S. Constitution. Executive Orders have been abused to circumvent the legislative process. In matters that infringe on our constitutional rights, the president and governors, within a reasonable amount of time, must address the peoples representatives to ensure our rights are preserved.

Public Education

As your next Congressman, Carl will work to Expel the Department of Education. Public Education should be in the hands of the States, School Boards, Teachers, and Parents. Collaboration between the school districts and the parents is essential to ensure our children's education is grounded in the beliefs of the families that are entrusting their children to our public schools. Transparency and parental involvement should be encouraged in our public school systems. School boards should accept responsible parental input to their child's education. Furthermore, parents are not the enemy of education. Parents should not be threatened with arrests in for using their First Amendment rights to free speech and peacefully assemble. Educators should also feel safe for the vital job they are providing to our children. If your school board is threatening to have parents arrested at public school board meeting for respectfully conveying your views on education, please reach out to my office. I will do all I can to stop the bullying of parents and their children.

Conservation & Fire Mitigation

As your next Congressman, Carl Andersen will represent you in the USDA. The National Forest and BLM are agencies within the USDA. Due to the drought conditions that have been prevailing climate for the past several years, fire mitigation and forest management within in our district, including the national forests, needs to be an ongoing and sustainable effort in collaboration between private sectors and US Forest Service. With a comprehensive fire mitigation plan, our forest fires will can reduce the damage done by forest fires that destroy our natural beauty, homes, and communities. With strong conservation efforts, our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the public lands and forests we all love so much.

Outdoor Recreation

Carl grew up hunting and fly fishing in New York and continues those passions here in Colorado with his wife and family. You can often find The Andersens enjoying the recreational use of our public lands, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, and snowmobiling. Carl and Shannon have summited 20+ of the Colorado 14'ers. They spend time hiking segments of the Colorado Trail each summer.

Community Leader

Carl is dedicated to volunteering in the community. Carl’s volunteering began when he lived in New York and was a volunteer Firefighter. His love and respect for First Responders and Law Enforcement continues to this day. Carl currently volunteers his time with Kiwanis, Teller County Board of Review, Teller Country GOP, WP Chamber of Commerce, and Junior Achievement. Carl fought for many organizations during the government mandated shutdowns, including Kiwanis Breakfast with Santa and the Veterans Rally, to ensure their annual events were held.

Veteran Services

As your next Congressman, Carl will fight for better Veteran Services. Veterans are very near and dear to Carl's heart. Carl's son C.J. was a combat marine, weapons specialist, and fought in Afghanistan. In to many instances our Veterans do not have the proper help they need to transition from Military life to the private sector. Carl will fight to create and improve on the job training and a longer transition period when retiring or discharging from the military.

Carl Andersen speaking at Chaffee County Assembly